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Return And Exchange Process / 26 Feb 2021

Return and Exchange Process:

1. Customers submit the application of return and exchange, you also need to provide the pictures of the damaged goods if the returns are caused by the quality problems.

2. Our customer service representative will confirm the problems of return and exchange with customers, then provide the advice for dealing with them on the day.

3. Wholesale members send back the goods: before returning the goods, please be sure to fill in the code, quantity, weight and returning reasons of the products, then place it in the returned package, in order to be easily confirmed by our warehouse staffs. If you do not fill in anything in the package, which causes you can not return or deferred dealing, we do not take responsibility.

4. After receipt the returns, our company's Quality Control will do quality inspection for the returned goods.

5. After you submitting the return and exchange application, if we can not receive the returned goods within 60 days, the system will end the application automatically.

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