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Purchase Statement / 26 Feb 2021

Respected customers, thank you for your support and trust our website, please read the following statements carefully before you purchase our products, if you have any questions, please contact us in time.

1. All the accurate information of "quotations" and "payment account" are in our website, in addition, if you receive any other forms of the payment information about " ", please notice whether the payment information is sent by us or not, please check the information carefully before you make the payment, in order to avoid the fraud.

2. We have the obligation to make our website in normal operation with technology, we'll try our best to avoid the service interruption and limit the interruption time in the shortest time, ensure our customers' online trading activities smoothly.

3. If any customer provide us the wrong, not complete and false information, it will cause the person who can not normally use the network order services of our company, the loss will be assumed by the customer.

4. We pay much attention to protect every customers' privacy, to respect our customers'  privacy is the basic policy of our website. Your registration information and your reserved  personal information in our website will be protected.

5. In order to protect our customers' privacy, our company promised that we do not open the personal information to the public and edit the information without our customers' agrees and authorization. Unless our customers authorized us to reveal the information in our website, otherwise, we do not open any personal information of our customers.

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