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Fashion ways to tie scarf / 26 Feb 2014

Scarves come in many different fabrics, shapes and sizes. Square and rectangular seem to be the most popular shapes. Winter scarves are generally desired in long lengths to wrap around the neck or face for keeping warm, while dressy scarves are typically much shorter in length.

A designer scarve can be tied in many different styles of knots for creative accessorizing or pinned in place with a decorative accessory to keep it looking neat and fashionable. A simple square knot tied in the middle of a thin, long rectangular scarf creates a nice accent with an open collar shirt, dress or sweater.

Simply tie the knot in the middle of the scarf and secure behind the neck. This can also be accomplished by tying a knot with the two ends, in front of the neck, or simply looping over once for an ascot effect.

The same scarf, with a knot at each end will makes a great statement worn beneath the collar of a blazer or blouse that has a tailored lapel.

A thin, shorter scarf can be tied around a pony tail for a ‘50’s look. These ideas for wearing a scarf are the primary reason that they are such a popular accessory with women and men.

Men occasionally sport a white silk aviator scarf wrapped once around the neck in the style of Robert Redford’s “Great Gatsby”, making an artistic statement or with a leather coat in the style of a 30’s open cockpit pilot.
There are also several types of scarf clips available to compliment a designer scarf. These little pieces are dual purpose presenting a useful way to secure the scarf and also an additional accent to the outfit. Usually presented in a pin with a loop to draw the scarf ends through, they are typically little jeweled accents to hold the scarf in place.

The "jewels" can be pinned to a blouse or jacket at the shoulder, or placed on the front of the blouse. Purchasing a clip that has decorative gem stones, pearls or enameling will add to the overall fashion effect of the scarf.For shawls and wraps, it is generally not necessary to secure them with a knot or a jeweled clip.

They are long enough, typically 50-77 inches, to overlap and simple hold themselves in place. When wearing your longer pashmina or evening shawl in more “active” situation, such as for dancing or while at Scottish Clansmen Highland Games, it can be secured with a shawl scarf pin (brooche) on the shoulder.
In heritage photographs of grandparents and great grandparents, often the grandmother is seen wearing a shawl secured with her family heirloom cameo, and because she was so busy doing everything from baking bread to picking vegetables, she needed to have her wrap pinned to her clothing.

Whether you elect to tie, pin or wear your scarves loosely, you can make a fashion statement and feel comfortable about wearing your scarf or shawl.
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