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Silk scarves and maintenance knowledge / 26 Feb 2014

Silk scarves and maintenance knowledge
[washing]: Scarf is a protein fiber weaving made of delicate health, washing should not be used in rough objects rubbing and washing machine, scarves should be immersed in water for 5 to 10 minutes lonely, low-foam synthetic detergent or neutral detergent Qingcuo detergent gently, rinse in clean water can be repeated. Washed can not twist, let it drip dry hanging. Note the different shades of color into the water when the fabric to be separate, otherwise it will take the color. The best high-end silk fabrics dry.
[dry]: After washing, not sun, but should not use dryer heat drying, should generally be placed in a cool dry ventilated place. Because the sun's ultraviolet rays is easy to make silk fabric yellowing, fading, aging. So after washing should not be twisted to the water, gently Doukai, Airing out the opposite, dry to dry and then ironing or shaking Qicheng level.
[Ironing]: After washing, such as wrinkles, it needs ironing crisp, elegant, beautiful. Ironing clothes when dry to dry and then evenly Qicheng fog spray of water, wait 3-5 minutes, then hot, ironing temperature should be controlled at 150 ° C or less, not pad with a damp cloth. Iron should not directly touch the silk by hand, so as not to produce the aurora. When ironing the opposite side up, so that its fading.
[Preservation]: first wash, dry and then iron collection. To prevent mildew, a bore. After ironing, you can also play a role in pest control sterilization. Meanwhile, the storage of clothing boxes, cabinets to keep clean, try to seal to prevent dust pollution. Silk fibers can not withstand the friction, usually careful not to let the rough surface of the furniture, objects rubbing the surface. Do not spray toward the surface of silk products, deodorants, perfumes, etc.; stored with moth balls, do not put together, so that its color, become brittle. Attention to fire prevention, winter heating stove, the stove is far away from the Polyester fabric products.

If you have some suggestions or problem about scarves,such as how to maintain,how to choose,how to arrange with colors and so on,you can email us. Hope we can meet common language in the future.

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