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Accessorizing with A Very Stylish Scarf / 26 Feb 2014

To complete you fashion accessories invest in many stylish and very practical scarves. A scarf can be a long square or rectangular piece of cloth which is usually toed on the neck or the head. Traditionally, folks use a scarf during the cold season as protection from the biting climate. Nowadays, a scarf is not only another piece of costume but also a fashionable item that can be used in any season even during summer. You will be amazed to find the scarf in a variety of designs and colors that will easily match your particular style.
There is a wide array of choices when you buy a scarf. It could be an embroidered scarf, silk scarf, designer scarf, head scarf, neck scarf, animal paint scarf, cotton-linen scarf, kids scarf, velvet neck scarf, winter scarf, fur scarf, knit scarf and many more. Many popular designer brands carry their own line of scarves for the trendy women and even men. Some are handmade or machine made in woven and knitted designs.

The popular and more common handmade scarf is the embroidered scarf. It is very beautiful using traditional embroidery showing very dainty and intricate designs. It stands out from other scarves because of its particular attention to detail. This kind of scarf has been made as early as during the Roman period. It is a special work of art that can only be made by specialist. It is often very handy during hot weather but due to popular demand, the embroidered scarf also uses a thicker material like wool ideal for the cold season. It is very functional while being stylish, adding that perfect accent or accessory to your overall look. Incidentally, the kind of wool used in knitting the scarf is from a sheep’s fleece.

Another extraordinary work of art is the handmade scarf made by fabric paint experts. This particular variety features bold and bright colors making it a popular pick by many women. Te scarves are painted on various kinds of materials like cotton, wool, chiffon, stain or georgette. These hand painted scarves are very versatile for they can be worn wrapped around the neck, head or hips. It can even be worn as a beach dress and can be easily matched with any kind of cloth.

On the other hand, the silk scarf has a different root as far as China. It was actually the warriors of Chinese Emperor Cheng, a renowned monarch, that were the first recorder user of the silk scarves. The origin of this scarf is so ancient in 1000 BC. It was mainly used for warmth especially when the Chinese winter enters. Today the silk scarf is still used for basically the same thing but with a different twist for it is also a fashionable piece of clothing.
Whatever kind of scarf you prefer, it will surely make your wardrobe much more versatile as you can easily mix and match it to any of the clothes you own. It is also an effective tool to show your personality ad sense of style.
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