How To Wear Scarf According To Face Shape
Round face
People whose face is plumper,should make outline of face looks some relaxed and angular,more important is to make the part of the silk scarves prolapse stretch as far as possible,and keep integrity of the longitudinal line from head to foot,it’s more better not be interrupted.When tie bowknot,avoid overlapping in the neck and excessive lateral.

Long face
The expanded lateral-line show a elegant feeling of neck and weakened the face longer feeling.In addition, can also be a scarf twist to turn into a little thicker rod,then tie a bowknot,please don’t tie too tight,try to make the scarf drooping naturally, rendering a hazy feeling.

Inverted triangle face
People who with Inverted triangle face,from the forehead to the jaw and gradually narrowing the width of the face,leaving a stern impression and the monotonous feeling.You can use the scarf so that the neck is full of layering.When using luxurious binding styles,there will be a very good effect.Try best to reduce the number of scarves around the neck,the drooping triangular part as naturally as possible.Avoid surrounding too tightly,and focus on the knot of the horizontal layering.

Quad-based face
Wide cheeks,forehead,jaw width and face length is basically the same square face people easily conveys the lack of a lovely feeling.When tying scarf,try best to made the neck clean.Besides,in the chest decorate layering knot,adding to the clean lines of the coat,will show of the noble qualities.

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